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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Soldiers Bond

The students at Dana L West Jr/Sr High held a wonderful tribute to fallen soldiers in December as part of the Wreaths Across America Program under the direction of Dr. Linda Townsend.

Our guests included the Patriot Guard and their motorcycle display in the auditorium I'm sure will be remembered by the students for years to come.

I was honored to join them to share a few words about the contributions of the African American Civil War soldiers and their role in the Lockwood Post #175 GAR of Port Byron.  I closed sharing my thoughts about the bond of soldiers being mutual love of country.

Poem by Mark Schuster
(Click image to enlarge)
After the ceremony, Mark Schuster of the Patriot Guard, shared with me that he was pleased that my talk touched upon the bond of soldiers.  Mark had recently wrote a poem on the subject and he agreed to provide a copy to share with my readers.

Thank you Mark and all the members of the Patriot Guard who dedicate themselves in the remembrance of soldiers.  Port Byron was proud to have you with us in December.  I am especially grateful for the poems you left for us, our community will find great inspiration in them.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting my poems.

I have added three lines to my poem "UNBROKEN" to honor First Responders. A couple of Christmas Eves ago two West Webster Firefighters were killed in an ambush when responding to an arson fire. One of the firefighters was an off-duty police officer. After seeing the outpouring of support from Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement, I recognized that the special bond was more than just Military. Here is a link to my latest update of "UNBROKEN":


I also have added the PGR logo to my poem "The Patriot Guard Riders," here is a link to my latest poem:


With Honors,
Mark Schuster