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Celebrating the rich history of Port Byron, New York, an old Erie Canal village in the Town of Mentz. This site is dedicated to the legacy and heritage of our community as well as a variety of regional historical tidbits. I hope you enjoy your visit and will stop by again.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Panther Update

The true origin of the "Port Byron Panther" belongs to our athletic teams!!  I had previously found evidence that the yearbook club was the first to adopt the Panther with their circus themed yearbook.  However, I just stumbled onto a newspaper article dated December 20, 1951 that tells us the yearbook club adopted the name to have the same name as the school sports teams.  So now the proper credit for our mascot can be traced to our athletic teams of years past.  Now the question remains, when did the actual panther mascot become part of our school culture?

Port Byron Chronicle and Cayuga County News
December 20,1951

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Port Byron Reds

Sports history certainly is a bit of a stretch for me but while researching our school mascot I found a couple articles about the Port Byron Reds.  This was a name unfamiliar to me:

Port Byron Chronicle 1951-1952

The team formed around 1951 and headed by Andy Sorendo.  It was considered a County team and had an impressive opening season.

Auburn Citizen 1953