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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Civil War Soldiers of Port Byron and Mentz

Did you have a relative that served in the Civil War from Port Byron?  Come visit my latest project that features our soldiers.  The list includes soldiers born here, served or enlisted from here as well as soldiers buried in our cemeteries.

I am hopeful this will become the home for biographies, to make our men more than just names and dates.  This is the initial launch of my vision.  If anyone has a soldier from our community and would like to feature that soldier's story, just send me your write up in word and I will add the link.  Do take credit for anything you submit by including who wrote the report in the header and perhaps even your email address just in case a reader desires to contact you.  Who knows, the report could connect you with cousins you never knew you had.

Due to the large volume of data, if anyone sees an error or knows of a soldier missing, contact me so that we can continue to build our military history of the civil war.

I will be adding this link with the military links on this blog.  It will be added as ver. 1.  If any update is made, the link will be changed sequentially to provide a visual when the data has changed.

Port Byron and Mentz has much to be proud of with our veterans.  We continue to share this legacy today of protecting freedom.

Click the link below to see our soldiers:

Civil War Soldiers of Port Byron and Mentz