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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Port Byronite

Port Byronite coined as early as 1878!

Well folks, it's official.  If you are from Port Byron, NY you are a "Port Byronite".

Thanks to fultonhistory.com, the term can be traced back as early as 1878 in The Evenings Auburnian when five our of residents left for Texas.

The phrase has been used to describe all kinds or activities connecting to our home town, from race car drivers, school bowling teams to fireman's parades.


1950 Weedsport Cayuga Chief

Not on your best behavior?  Then be prepared; you may be called out on the carpet for it as shown in this Syracuse Herald clip taken from the Port Byron Chronicle:

Photo per Rootsweb 

The term Port Byronite was even found in our business district when the Brown and Martens show room opened in 1948.

1948 Grand Opening of Brown and Marten Auto Dealers

How proud are you to be a "Port Byronite"?