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Friday, June 18, 2010

Port Byron Band

Thank you Charlene Wood for sharing your fathers band photo!

This photo dates 1935 to 1937 and was likely taken on one of the many band trips of the day.  It does not appear to have been taken at PB.

The Port Byron High School that burned down in December of 1935 lacked a grand staircase and the doors were a single set of double doors.  You will notice in this photo, there are multiple double doors spaced apart.

The doors at our old high school was level with the ground on the first floor:
Old Port Byron High 1899-1935

Class Photo taken at Old PB High Entrance

Names of students in photo

The corner stone to the Port Byron Central School, now Church Street Apartments, was laid on June 26, 1937.  While this school does have a small set of stairs at the front entrance, the doors are placed together and no pillars.

Therefore, this early band photo may have been taken on one of the many band trips.

If anyone can recall where this photo was taken, please contact me so I can update the location with the photo.