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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Smith & Dixon

Auburn Daily Bulletin. February 21, 1874

A CHANGE OF BASE.—Messrs. Smith & Dixon, of Port Byron, have sold to parties in Indianapolis their interest in the manufacture of the Skilton mower and reaper knife guards. The machinery of the manufactory has been shipped for
Indianapolis, where the purchasers design the formation of a heavy joint stock company to continue the manufacture.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Port Byron Twins Win Baby Contest

Port Byron Twins Win

Agnes and Helen, twins of Mr. and Mrs. William Murray of Port Byron, were adjudged normal and perfect according to a comparison made with tables supplied by the Woman's Home Companion which was the criterion on which the judges based their awards.  Needless to say that Mrs. Murray is today the proudest mother in Port Byron.

The Auburn Citizen
August 22, 1919

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Service Flag by William Herschell

This poem was published in 1918.


William Herschell In The Indianapolis News

Dear little flag in the window there,
Hung with a tear and a woman's prayer;
Child of Old Glory, born with a star—
Oh, what a wonderful flag you are!

Blue is your star in its field of white,
Dipped in the red that was born of fight;
Born of the blood that our forebears shed
To raise your mother, The Flag, o'erhead.

And now you've come, in this frenzied day,
To speak from a window—to speak and say:
"I am the voice of a soldier-son
Gone to be gone till the victory's won.”

"I am the flag of The Service, sir;
The flag of his mother—I speak for her
Who stands by my window and waits and fears,
But hides from the others her unwept tears.”

"I am the flag of the wives who wait
For the safe return of a martial mate,
A mate gone forth where the war god thrives
To save from sacrifice other men's wives.”

"I am the flag of the sweethearts true;
The often unthought of—the sisters, too.
I am the flag of a mother's son
And won't come down till the victory's won."

Dear little flag in the window there;
Hung with a tear and a woman's prayer;
Child of Old Glory, born with a star—
Oh, what a wonderful flag you arel