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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emma Sweet's Horse Accident

Weekly News and Democrat
Auburn, NY Wedesnday March 31, 1897
Cost $1.00 per year

PORT BYRON, March 25.—A fractious young horse attached to a buggy, the
property of Eugene Sweet, of Troopsville, and driven by Miss Emma Sweet,
indulged in a very spirited runaway Tuesday noon. It has been the custom
of Miss Sweet, who drives from Troopsville to attend the Port Byron high
school, to exercise her horse at noon time, and it was while so excersizing that the accident occurred.  She had proceeded as far as Park street and went on a down grade when the king bolt dropped out, letting the thills drop upon the animal's heels, causing him to run the whole length of Park street.  From there he ran into the garden of James English, where the buggy broke in two, throwing Miss Sweet out upon her head into the soft mud.  The horse with the two forward wheels attached then ran through the garden to Utica street, where he was captured after crashing through a high board fence, by William Alfreds.  Owing to the soft condition of the garden Miss Sweet was not injured and was able to walk to the schoolhouse very much covered with mud.

Friday, January 13, 2012